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Who we are:

Dresnice.com is an online tailoring and styling platform that offers on-demand Services. We help fashion-forward individuals with on-demand custom tailored contemporary high-end clothes and styling services to make their look unique. With our platform you can tailor your cloth online, without direct contact with a tailor and enjoy the peace of knowing your cloth will be deliver on time. Also, we offer bulk production of well tailored clothes on-demand.

Our Vision:

At Dresnice.com our vision is to help you create your own style, wear a unique look and, to make your shopping experience awesome. Our business idea supports this vision by offering world class tailoring services, access to quality products, and professional styling services enable by innovative technology to make your life a lot easier, enjoyable and fulfilling.

It doesn’t stop here…..


“We are set out to solve long-standing problems around quality, fit, function, uniqueness and simplicity; using technology as our tool”

Get ready to explore and create that unique sophisticated contemporary look that feels high-end, still doesn’t break your bank.

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The Voice by Pancy Nancy

Continuation from Episode One


Ever since Austin has been a kid, it was as if his life has been planned for him, he was supposed to grow up, join the navy, then go abroad for his masters, come back and take over his father’s business. He has fulfilled all those, he just got back from UK two weeks ago and his friend Dave has invited him to calabar for the weekend,  but instead of relaxing at a cool bar in calabar and catching up on good old days, his buddy has dragged him to Nsukka, Enugu state to throw a birthday party for his girlfriend.

He is actually surprised at his friend because Dave is a chronic player who doesn’t believe in spending on a woman. What was that he always says? -“Throw in a handsome man with a little bit of charm, ladies will go crazy”, and that has always worked for him. So why was he spending for much on this particular girl when he has women at his beck and call back in calabar? He wondered.

He was so over this party, he would have stayed back in Lagos, instead of coming down here to watch a bunch of under-graduates dance and drink and puke. Why do people do that anyway? Drink so much that they puke.

“This party looks kind of lame” He thought to himself before he saw her.

“She is on jeans with sneakers” was his first thought. Who wears those to a pool party and her outfit was definitely not yellow or anyway close to white. Most ladies were on bikini and shorts and were busy drinking and dancing but she was just there standing opposite him, having arguments about politics. Now that was something he didn’t expect.

As he walked closer, he noticed her hair, long,  black, shiny, he could bet that it was natural,  he could imagine running his fingers all over her hair, scattering the ponytail, breathing in the scent of her hair, it must be lavender with mints, he thought to himself.

“Wake up mehn”, he muttered as he approached her group, her back still turned against him.

“So my dear, GEJ has had 6 solid years and what has he done for the masses? Nothing. He is a good man, no doubt but he is just not man enough to be the president”. He heard her saying as he finally reached the group, nice accent she got, probably not a Nigerian, he concluded as he took the last step closing the distance between them.

At that moment she turned to look at the intrusion to her own private party, but he didn’t even give her a chance before he attacked her.

“I can’t help but hear you judge a man who has stepped up when Nigeria was lost to guide us through a dark path, GEJ is man enough to lead, maybe you are just not woman enough to see it, no offence.”, he added with a chuckle.

She raised her brow to absorb the shock but attacking back.

“I beg your pardon? A man who can’t sustain the economy, exchange rate is high, oil price is dropping and yet he can’t re-diversify the economy yet”. She fought back. She isn’t one to back down from fight especially not when it involved a stranger who wants to insult her brains and embarrass her in public. Where has he come from anyway and who the hell is he? And why does he keep looking at me like that when he is talking?   He looks at me with this intensity I couldn’t explain.

Well, we argued for about 45mins nonstop before we realized that we were alone. Every other person must have left during our back and forth and we were too busy to notice.

“Well, am Austin”, he said ten minutes later after we stopped argument.

I nodded and continued nodding my head to the song that was playing.

He tilted his ears as a clue for my name and almost immediately justin Beiber’s “SORRY” came on.

“That’s my song”. I shouted.

“Come on let’s dance”. I said as I dragged him off to the dance floor.

#don’t be surprised, told you guys I was a wild child, a tomboy with no absolute care#

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By Pancy Nancy

“Damn it!” He cursed as he drove carelessly through the ever busy road. The driver was obviously late for something or trying to get away from something. He looks haunted, chased, pissed I must add.

His phones has been beeping for the last one hour, calls from his mum, sister,   frank his best friend but never a call from her, ANNA. Her silence haunts him because she hasn’t been the quiet type. Never has, never will, so why start now?

He tried calling her but something keeps stopping him, if she hasn’t reached out, then she really doesn’t care. He just reacted to the situation at the time, but now he wish He can take it all back.

Let me call her, he thought as he reached out to his phone and punched in the digits he knew so well, “its ringing”. He smiled hopeful that she will answer; he doesn’t know what to say to her if she picks but he wants to hear her voice.

Let me try again, he thought to himself as he took his eyes off the road for a second to re-dial, when he looked up, a car was crashing into his, he was oblivious of what just happened but he clutched his phone as hard as possible hoping the person on the other line of the line will just say “hello”.

He was able to hear people shouting and as he slipped into unconsciousness, he could remember himself saying, “She doesn’t deserve what I did”

Too be Continued……..

This work is copyright  Protected….



Anna was a third year student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the prestigious Nigeria University her father had gone to. Even though she grew up in Canada, her dad had insisted all his kids did their tertiary schooling in Nigeria, that way they can mingle with their fellow Nigerians, get a taste of the Nigerian society, and meet a Nigerian spouse that understands his background and culture. He doesn’t want any of his kids getting married to a non Nigerian.

Hello, guys am ANNA, this is my story, my diary, my life, my world. I wanted the narrator to tell my story but no one can tell my story better than me. I will tell my own part of the story, while the narrator or any other person can tell the story of others in my world.

Now a little history about me, shall we?

While I was still a child, my mama used to say I was a tomboy, I will ride my brother’s bicycle, play soccer with the guys, I never went for any sleep overs,  or maybe I wasn’t invited for any, who cares, I was busy living in my perfect little world.

My parents moved to Canada when I was 5 and my brother was 13, I was their baby girl, though rebellious at a tender age, they still loved me nonetheless.

I don’t really remember much about growing up, but I know I was very happy. And when it was time for me to be shipped to Nigeria to study Medicine, I was glad. Gosh I missed Nigeria though at that time, I didn’t remember much about the place but I was excited I was returning to my root, Africa.

 My first two years in nigeria was crazy fun, I met some great friends lisa and Hauwa. Lisa was a yoruba girl from Osun state, Hauwa was a Moslem girl from Kaduna, and am from imo state, owerri babe and together, we were called the tripod. I was still the tomboy, crazy wild child with jeans and sneakers always, my hair always in a ponytail. I loved my life. I was doing great academically. Everything was perfect, until the day I met him

It was my roommate’s 21st birthday and her on and off boyfriend who happened to be on at that moment flew in from calabar to surprise  her with a birthday.

I was dominating an argument about who our next president should be, whether it should be Buhari or GEJ, I am never really a fan of either of them but out of the two, I rather just have Buhari lead us for a change. During my introduction, I forgot to add that I have been obsessed with nigerian government system since I could remember. Mom always said I was supposed to be a boy but God changed his mind the last minute and decided to make me a girl.

Back to the present, it was a pool party with yellow and white color them but trust me not to comply, I was with some group of people trying to convince them why they should vote for buhari, I hadn’t seen him walk in, I was busy talking, arguing, trying to keep my voice from being drown by the loud music from the speakers.

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DRESSED FOR SUCCESS 1: Only 7 Seconds To Make First Impression, Learn How To Make The Seconds Count!

Photo credit: stevenonoja
Photo credit: Stevenonoja

I walked into the waiting room of one of the offices in Lagos Island. It was the administrative block of one of the best hospitals in Nigeria, and I was there for a job interview with some of the best young minds this country could offer. You could feel the tension in the air, taste the competition. It was going to be a bloody war, and no one came there to play.
As I walked in, everyone in the room stood up to greet me. “Good morning Sir” echoed throughout the room, a couple of young men plus a few women all numbering close to 30. I didn’t know how to react. But it felt good. They all thought I was there to examine them. I had to break their bubble, “abeg o! I’m just one of you guys”. You could see the surprise!
Whether or not I got the job is story for another day.


You see, all that glitters may not be gold, but it’ll look good in the meantime. That is, till it becomes gold.
Even con men also known as 419ers here in Nigeria are stepping up their game and looking the part, and it looks like business is good.
Success may be an elusive woman in this modern world, but there have been proven ways to woo her to your side.
We are a visual people, and whether you like it or not, looking good matters to us. It’s woven itself into the very fabric of our being in today’s world and its here to stay.

I’ll try to be as realistic as possible without allowing my emotions get in the way.
Making an impression is important as it would increase your chances of success. It’ll get you closer to the room, we’re judged by outsiders primarily by how we look first. There’s no denying that.

So if you’re part of the people who have always wondered how to look good and make that impression, we have a few tips to get you started on your journey.

  1. GET IN SHAPE: Sorry o! I know you must have thought the tips would start with the choice of clothes and accessories. No, big no! The first step to looking good today is your body frame. Yeah, you know na… What the clothes actually cover. And as much you would hate it, call it “body shaming” or whatever remember it’s here to stay. There are major benefits a good frame would give. It gives fit to your clothes. Being in shape isn’t about being muscular or thin. Just understand your body build and tone it.
  2. POSTURE: Have you ever watched a James Bond movie? Why do those men look so good walking away from an explosion? It’s the “power pose” they’ve got that posture that says, Trust me; I know what I’m doing! Unless you’re wearing superman’s costume, having a good posture helps your overall image. Never allow your shoulders slouch, walk like the CEO, and don’t saunter along like a rebellious kid. Walk like you own the place. Remember, the man makes the cloth, not the cloth the man.
  3. WEAR YOUR SIZE: I cannot over emphasize this bit of information, do you know how heartbreaking it is, to watch people walk about wearing clothes that can be used to dress an elephant. Some others wear clothes that would look better on people 3 times smaller than them. Enough said; it’s best to know what your measurements are and wear them. That’s why I subscribe to dresnice.com for the best fits ever. You just look good wearing your size. I think this time it’ll be, wear your coats according to your measurement.

We’ll continue this series in the next episode. Till then. One Love!

From Dresnice creative director desk……


SWAG OR Class. A battle of the threads!


Many would argue for either side…
Some would lay down their lives for either team.
Me… I’m just here to say my bit.
Whichever your poison may be… Hear me out.
I’m 27, A Doctor, somewhat inexperienced to say the least…
So yeah I’m giving you the ammo to shoot my points down…

I grew up in the suburbs of Lagos.
“Omo Eko” as iould it be?
Swag or Class?
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to put any side down. I believe as the Holy book would say there is a time for everything… So also I live by the rule… There is a cloth for every occasion.
There’s a look to wear, and when to wear it.

ts popularly called… One thing you’d remember in the late 80’s and early 90’s is that our parents made us wear what they wanted, for a huge portion of our childhood.
So I could comfortably say that our first fashion inclinations were that of our parents.
The shirts, shorts, that classic belt… The one that looked like it was plaited plus the rubber additions. The canvas that lit up when you walked… It was a cacophony of styles. But we looked the part to our parents so we were good to go.

But the boys have grown now. And so must make their own choices. Must make their mark in the world. And so they must look the part… Which w

But what breaks the heart of this young man is that many men do not know when and what effect their clothes have on others or better still themselves.

I’m partial towards the “put together look” ties, shoes and once in a while if we can afford it in this weather of ours… A waistcoat and a suit.
And I must point out that I look great in them.

Them there’s the t-shirts, jeans, boots or sneakers whichever your poison may be… That seems the be the raving thing among our youths today.

I don’t know which it is… Did I grow up too fast or did I just not like the swag thing. I’ve sagged my portion in secondary school but that’s where it ended for me, secondary school. I believe men shouldn’t sag. It’s just bad fashion. However you put it.

So Swag or Class? Which?
I believe it depends on the occasion. I believe it depends on your personal style. I believe it depends on how old you are. So which ever your side is.
Do well to make a statement…
What statement?
“I’m that man who’s capable of getting it done!” that’s the statement you want to make.

I’d still rock a jeans anyday… The statement I would be making is
“I’m playful today… I’m out for some fun.”

So choose wisely brother! Make that statement and make it well……

From Dresnice Creative Director Desk